Muscian and Professional Meme creator KA5SH, has taken meming to a whole other level. Memes have become extremely popular on social media over the past few years. Some of the most popular memes that surface the internet today were created by the Meme master himself, KA5SH. He has gotten so good at it, that he gets paid to make them! Dope right? KA5SH is a very unique individual with the skills to create universal laughter.


How does it feel to be Verified?

Ahah it's so sickkk! It's like a weird thing I have wanted for a long time. I applied almost 90 times. The last time I applied, I put Black Lives Matter in my reason for applying and it worked [laughs].

The people want to know, how did you start creating worldwide Memes?

I guess it started on Facebook. I was making memes on there so people would listen to my music. They would follow me because I was funny, but I ended up getting really good at memes. I moved to Los Angeles and my friend told me to get on Instagram. I started posting on there and got a lot of followers fast.

NBC recently featured you and your Meme art gallery! What kind of planning was put into your show? How did you get the word out?

It was a lot of work, between my friend Izaac and my manager Keaton helping me put it together, it came out way cooler than I imagined. I got the word out by tweeting and memeing about it, and everyone else around me was doing the same. It was a pretty good turn out, I'm happy. 

Black people are the funniest in the meme culture. We’re the ones who are setting the standard for what everyone is thinking. We are the backbone for Twitter, the internet, and America haha. We made everything that’s cool and good.

You are unique and original. how much does your personality play into your music and creation of memes?

You are basically listening and looking at my personality when you look at my memes and music. Every joke I make is 100% something I thought would make me laugh and my music is real life experiences I've had. Everything I rap about is real as hell.


Are there any limitations to what you can or cannot say with your memes?

Yeah, I will never make any jokes that are racist, transphobic, misogynistic, homophobic, or anything that causes harm to marginalized groups of people.

I know we can expect so much more from you soon. Could you give us a hint on any new projects you are working on?

Yeah, I am dropping two new songs every month for the next few months, so look for that in a couple of weeks!


Instagram: @ka5sh

Twitter: @ka5sh

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