4 Your Eyez Only



Don’t give ‘em too much you. Don’t let ‘em take control. It’s one thing you do. Don’t let ‘em taint your soul. If you believe in God. One thing’s for sure. If you ain’t aim too high, then you aim too low.
— J. Cole

J. Cole is me in spiritual form. I can picture us vibin' hard, conversing about life, lighting one up, geekin' with our hair all nappy lol. His music is for everyone, but if you aren't in touch with the truth or spiritually inclined with humanity you won't get it. Cole, I've been rockin' with you since day one. Seeing you in Charlotte was a dream come true. I screamed, sang to the top of my lungs, and danced the entire show. I left your show happier with a sense of purpose for life. It is difficult for me to put into words. You spoke a lot of real. You were vulnerable in front of thousands of people. We saw beyond the surface.

You made your entrance in a bright orange prison jumpsuit, with "Property Of" across the back. The crowd could hear shackles cling as you walked. What better statement to make than that? The jumpsuit was a visual statement about police brutality and hatred against Black men. AmeriKKKa built a system to throw away our men. Black men are a product of this horrendous prison system. The day of your show, August 9, was the death anniversary of Mike Brown. The police officer who murdered Mike Brown saw him as nothing, he possibly envisioned him in shackles. Everything you rap about shines light on the cruelty against Black people. "Neighbors" is a perfect example of Blacks having to prove their wealth and social status. The SWAT team broke into your home and they found NOTHING. This is why your music is for everyone. Some people are not conscious enough to receive the message. If you are a person of color, J Cole's music is for you. 

"I think the neighbors think I'm selling dope.

I can't sleep cause I'm paranoid, Black in a White man territory. Cops bust in with the army guns. No evidence of the harm we done.

Only time they see us we be on the news with chains."

-J. Cole

You know the feeling of being at a party with other Black people? And, even if you don't know each other, it's going to be lit regardless? That is exactly what it felt like being at your concert. I was standing behind a group of Black boys who loved you just as much as my brother and I. We rapped and sang together. We shared the same excitement and love for your throwbacks. One of the guys were shook when you performed "Love Yourz", I mean real shook. Your show provided a space for us to be ourselves! 

No such thing as a life that’s better than yours. (Love Yourz) No such thing. No such thing.
— J. Cole

Dreamville is perfect, because we are all a bunch dreamers. And, right now all I have is A Dollar and a Dream. I will always remember the love and connection I felt during your show. It takes a special soul to reach someone they have never met...but one day will. J. Cole, I don't care if you never wear another iced out chain, comb your hair, or fix your crooked smile, just continue making music. I played all of your albums as I wrote this. Continue to keep us woke and conscious. 

I’ve got a feeling that there’s something more. Something that holds us together. Something that holds us together. The strangest feeling, but I can’t be sure. Something that’s old is forever. Something that’s old is forever. Love, Love, Love, Love.
— J. Cole