Christine M. Carter


Success isn’t easy. It comes with many long nights and many thoughts of, “Will my time ever come?” 31 year old Marketing Strategist Christine M. Carter knows about the nitty gritty that follows success. She is a contributor for Forbes, HuffPost, and Health. Christine is also profiled in Women’s Health Magazine and Ebony! She has the key to achievement. She wants you to be the BEST YOU! 7EVEN Reign has the latest!

10 years ago Christine started a retail marketing firm to help small retailers. “I had success with PR, I could write good pitches. The best way to get your work out there is to lend a voice to other publications. I created my own site, writing articles for other publications for retail marketing.”

My retailers were wondering how to reach “Generation Y”, before we were called Millennials. No one was talking about “Generation Y”. I started writing for Inc. I never turned down writing for publications. People tell me, “I read an article you wrote years ago.”
— Christine M. Carter

What is your platform?

I believe in telling honest stories of my generation. My articles relate to what a Black Millennial mom is going through, real estate, marriage for Black Bride, and the work place for Inc. It is always going to be my honest insight driven for those categories.

At what age did you begin marketing? How difficult was it for you to have that mindset?

I was 21 years old. It was hard for me to execute my business, because I did it in the middle of a recession. At the time, I did not consider the recession as an external factor, but your environment definitely matters.

Do you believe that in order to pursue your dreams, at times It Is necessary to relocate? Location matters?

I do think it is necessary, it depends on what your dream is. If you want to be an actress, you cannot expect to stay in Iowa when the production companies are in New York and Los Angeles.


I had to work at Nordtrom and a bank part time when I wasn’t getting business, because it was a recession.
— Christine M. Carter

How tough is it to balance mom life and work?

It is extremely tough and everyday is different. But, if you are able to have organization and the mindset that things might change, it is a little easier and manageable.

Thinking back, did you ever see yourself where you are now in your career?

I did not, truly did not. I do not have a "Where do you see yourself in 10 years". I like to dip my hands in different pots. Children are unpredictable [laughs] and if I did have a plan it would not be 10 years out.

Describe your day to day life?

In the mornings, I get my children ready, take my son to daycare, I go to the gym, and I could be in the office or traveling. I am currently traveling to different departments under global corporate strategy. In the afternoons, I pick up my children, cook dinner, and then it is bedtime. Motherhood is very rewarding, seeing how they form opinions is very rewarding.

What are ways you have gained new skills?

I gained new skills through reading other articles and publications by contributors. I gained analytical skills and the ability to read census data. There are different ways to develop your skills professionally. I know I have become a better writer, because I am better at analytics and insights. I add more data to my articles.  

What advice could you give to someone looking to start, but not knowing where to begin?

I would tell that person to make a list of their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes. They should combine the two and search opportunities they are strong in and like to do. They will find something in that for sure.

What type of approach do you use when contacting other businesses?

Get a pitch prepared, address a problem they are having or fulfill a need for that person. Business is "What are you doing for me?". No matter what, you are always selling and pitching yourself. Know your strengths and what will make them want to have you as a contributor or partner.

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