This part of my journey is the most important. Everyone always tell me to enjoy your process. I’m having to trust Him and not beat myself up.
— Nayo

From one Journalist to another, Nayo is golden. She is talent driven, people driven, and a woman with a plan. I noticed her spark and the love behind her passion. Although she is not on TV yet, she is already a star and a part of my sister circle. Nayo is a natural on and off camera. She is the Talk Show Host for her YouTube channel Meet The People, and it has taken off! When you speak of Black women making winning moves, you better include Nayo! She is taking everyone by a storm and truly turning her Dreams into a Reality!


What is it that you do?

I am a Broadcast Journalism major at Howard University. My ultimate goal is to have a late night talk show [on network TV]. You don’t see women on late night television, most are comedians are on light night. I do freelance for TheGrio.com, it reports on politics, regular news, sports, and African American news. I interned with them last year. I am an Entertainment Journalist at school and the General Manager of Spotlight Network, owned by Howard University.

Since freshman year, I have hosted my own Youtube show called, “Meet The People”. I meet the person and I find out their purpose. The interviews are about 8-10 minutes. [To name a few] I have interviewed radio personalities, Fabulous, and the creator of the TV show Girlfriend’s. I interview local people as well. I love telling stories. I feel like that’s what I was put on earth to do. I want to be on a national network by 25.

Who inspires you?

I remember when I was little I wouldn’t go out and play between 4 p.m -5 p.m because Oprah was on. Now, I love Zuri Hall, Stacey Ike, and Gia Peppers. Zuri Hall is the only Black Reporter for E News. She's killin’ it. Stacey Ike is on Reporter Tonight and Gia Peppers hosts all the Wizards’ games in D.C. She was also the correspondent for the Essence Festival this year. I admire their drive and work ethic.

How did you create Meet The People?

A conversation with a friend inspired me to start my show. I was on the phone with her talking about life and she asked, "What can you do to make yourself stand out before you get to Howard?". Since then, it’s always been something I’ve loved. My first two videos were shot on my iPhone. At first, I struggled with not knowing what to name it. 

How do you connect with celebrities?

For the Essence Festival, I sent constant emails to the press team until they replied. The interviews I had with the Celebrities after the show, was all God! I introduced myself, being friendly, being myself, and treating everyone with respect. For my show, I reach out to people who are local in DC.


What has been your toughest challenge?

I had really bad experience and it affects everything I do. I had opportunity to work an award show, but I ended up getting fired because I was asking for too much and asking to do more. They were rude and it was unpaid. It made me question whether or not I should ask for certain things. I try not to burn bridges, because the industry is really small.

What’s next in your journey?

That’s a really good question. At Howard, I'm trying to gain more credibility, so I can leave a mark once I graduate. I'm currently working under the anchor Bruce Johnson. He has been in the industry for over 40 years. I want to continue building my brand.

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews from the Essence Festival!

Continue to support a young black girls dream! I will be national by 25!
— Nayo

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