1. not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment.


NOTHING is better than women being ahead of the game! These two outstanding women are killing the world of fashion with their clothing line Undaunted Boutique. Bree Gladdin and Jonelle Worthy are the masterminds behind this popular brand. They cater to women of all sizes, their largest size being a 3x, which is a part of their Vivacious and Curry Collection. Undaunted has major support from all over. Let's just say Jonelle and Bree are accomplishing big things. Find out just how well they are doing!

Our hometown, Chester, South Carolina, is riding the Undaunted Boutique wave. How does it feel to have so much love and support from your own city? 

Bree: To have people truly believe in what you believe in is amazing. It's an extra boost of motivation when your city is behind you! To know that people you grew up with are behind you is everything. It lets us know we're doing something right. 

Jonelle: It's a great feeling to have your hometown support you as you're pursuing your dreams! There is even love and support shown from people who don't know us personally, so that's definitely a good feeling. It definitely lets us know that we are doing great things and our brand is appealing.

How did you ladies come up for the name Undaunted Boutique?

Bree: Jonelle actually pitched the name to me, I read the definition and instantly knew it was for us. 

Jonelle: Well, we knew we wanted to come up with something that had meaning and represented being comfortable in your own skin. Undaunted means not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment. To us, it represents being bold, beautiful, fearless, and confident. It was perfect!

When and how did your love for fashion start?

Bree: It's so funny, because as a young one I was a tomboy. I never really cared to look girly and honestly I am still kind of a tomboy. But, I love to dress to impress. Having so many ideas and visions, it's only right to make it happen. We just wanted to share our gift that has been given to us. 

Jonelle: We both have had a thing for fashion for a while now. We have two totally different styles and that's what makes Undaunted even more unique.

Explain the relationship between the two of you. A lot of people may be surprised.

Jonelle: Bree is my niece [laughs]! Yes, my niece! She is older than me. Bree and I always knew about each other, but we did not get close until the 6th grade. Ever since then we've been inseparable. We are like salt and pepper, but we balance each other so well. We are more like sisters.

What has been the most difficult part of this journey?

Bree: I would say expanding and to be able to reach other clientele. We have thought of many ideas. [We] just have to take a step to see if it works. 

Jonelle: I would say just being able to expand pass the Carolinas. We both work full time jobs, so finding the time where we can travel pass the Carolinas [is difficult].

Bree, how challenging is it to run a business and be a mother? You make it all look so easy.

At the end of the day, I always remind myself they are the reason for everything that I do. It's left up to me to pave the way for my babies. They are my biggest motivation, so for that I can't give up. It's definitely not easy [laughs]. Coming home from work, being apart of their extracurricular activities, and trying to drive the business can be a bit much. It's most definitely worth it all. 

Jonelle, you have become a great role model for me. What advice do you give to women who may be struggling with finding their passion in life?

Follow your dreams! No matter what it is, do your research and jump headfirst into it. There's nothing too big for any of us. Don't settle for less than your passion in life.

What else can we expect to see from Undaunted Boutique in the future?

Undaunted is working on getting the Men's apparel out there sooner than later, as well as accessories and hats. We are also looking into designing our own styles. 

UPDATE: Undaunted Men is NOW available! 

Jonelle and Bree, you ladies are awesome! Your combination of passion, drive, and creativity will continue to take your brand far. I look forward to covering your progress in the future. We are excited to see what Undaunted Boutique is going to cook up!

Jonelle (left)  Bree (right)

Jonelle (left)  Bree (right)


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