I Was Made For This

24 year old Mecca Leggett knows all about music and providing artists on the rise with major exposure. She is so dope! She describes herself as unpredictable, spontaneous, compassionate, and adventurous. She knows all about wordplay and promoting artists. Mecca is giving you an opportunity to flourish within your career. We need more Music Journalists like her. She has met artists from all over. One day you will see her on your TV screen. She is wasting no time with her dreams. 


Who is mecca?

I am the Blog Editor and Music Journalist for The Reach. The Reach is produced by Chi Media, the multimedia company. The founder of Chi Media is Chidi. I met him and connected. I started out writing for him. I run the blog side of everything now, it did not release until this year. It wasn’t really a point to write, because we didn’t have a website until now. The cards fell perfectly.  

How do artists contact you?

They contact The Reach through our submission tab [on our website] to set up interviews. If it’s someone [we have in mind] we want to interview, then we will make that connection as well. It’s not only South Carolina artists, but we do want South Carolina artists to have a voice. We want everyone to know about us.

Was blogging your idea? How did you feel putting yourself out there in general?

They came to me with the idea. Chi always knew my background [in writing]. He presented the idea to me of having a blog and running it. I was nervous at first. For a minute I wasn’t releasing anything, I was just helping with background information. Once we launched our website in February, I was nervous, but everyone was reading my stuff. The internet is harsh, but I’ve been getting good feedback.

What is your ultimate goal career wise?

I would love to continue to help become the company I know we will be in the future. I want to do a lot for myself, live life, interview artists in the country and all over the world. Ultimately, that's the goal.

Which celebrity would you like to Meet most?

Kid Cudi, easy one [laughs]. He’s my favorite artist, I love Kid Cudi. I love everything he stands for. I think he’s a misunderstood artist and I get that. When I was going through a hard time his music got me through a lot of sh*t. He’s a goof ball and an amazing artist. I just want to bask in the glory of him. Nobody has touched and reached me like he has. He holds a special place in my heart.

Who has been your favorite artist you have interviewed thus far?

$pidey [has been my favorite], we talked about his recent project Forever Gorgeou$. My biggest take away was the meaning behind it. Forever seems like a long time, but continue to be positive, continue to live the right way, and keep the right ones around you. What you do in this lifetime will last as a whole. Forever Gorgeou$ features his friends and family speaking. His sister explained what forever meant to her.

CLICK HERE to check out Mecca's interview with $pidey!

What can expect the reach in the near future?

[Expect] More blogs and sit down interviews are coming back for artists. It's a lot of fun things happening this summer. Stay tuned. 

If your music needs great exposure, Mecca is your girl! Don't stop, this industry needs you! I look forward to interviewing you again in the future.

Mecca's Twitter:  @MeloMeOut

Mecca's Twitter: @MeloMeOut