1. extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate.


You are seen before you are heard. Your style speaks for you. The way you carry yourself, the way you conduct business, and being sure of who you are. Style is the way you piece things together, which signifies you and the things you stand for. We all have it.

26 year old Donovan is way ahead of his time. He is a trailblazer, a man who wears many hats, and believe me he wears them well! He is a genius when it comes to marketing his fashion along with influencing others. And, he is the very last to boast! During our interview, Donovan provided insight into his career and the raw truth about his life! Donovan is soaring through life, snatching every opportunity, and turning his Dreams into Reality! 

They used to pick on me, laugh at me for dressing up [laughs]. I was a party promoter at Coastal Carolina. Nobody at Coastal dressed up at the time, guys were sneaker heads. I kept at it still. People used to call me GQ, I always overdressed. They are asking me for advice now. I had confidence in what I had on.

I see you are a man of many talents. Describe your career. What all do you do?  

I model and I am a style influencer, people send me stuff to promote and my followers will follow them. Some people pay me to do it. I do PR (public relations), working with people looking to expand their brand. [Pauses] I hate talking about myself [laughs] sounds like I'm bragging. I teach a marketing class with someone on how to grow your brand. 

Donovan does all of this while studying Pre-law part time and working full time.

How did all of this begin?  

Somebody walked up to me on campus and asked to take a picture of me. They wanted to build their portfolio and said I should teach people how to dress. I used to make bow ties and advertise them on my blog. I needed different things. I started realizing I was good at other stuff. I've helped people create their website too. 

When did you  know "I can do whatever I want, I'm taking my talents to the top"?

I still struggle with that. It's funny having an interview, because I was down on my luck all weekend. When I'm down I am the most motivated. Even when my mom passed, I went to school the next day. When I was homeless I was working at McDonalds. I have a life full of lemons but very few lemonade. With every bad I have good. I flunked out of Coastal and went to job corps. It's a year and a half training, I did it in 25 days. I did work everyday. My life is full of extremes.

Was there ever a time where you felt no one believed in you? 

Both of my parents are deceased. I had to believe in myself. My dad died at three and my mom died when I was 15. Doctors said I would never walk. One day my mom said she saw me turn the corner and I was walking with both casks on my legs.

In your own words, describe success. 

Being in the position to help others and making my mama proud.  

What are your ultimate career goals?

That's a hard question. I do so much, so I don't have to fall back on just one plan. I want to do it all. You need multiple incomes. 


I am sure my interview with Donovan left you inspired too! He is very bashful when speaking on his success, but as you and I both can see, he is going places! Persevering will take you far. I appreciate the real honest stories you shared with me and the laughs you gave me. It was a pleasure Donovan. Keep dreamin', keep living!