Everyone has an escape in life. Some may not have found theirs yet. Mine is writing. But, for young and talented Ryan, it is art. He see's the world differently. He sees the world through a microscope, capturing every detail and turning it into a visual. The artwork he created for me, was incredible. Ryan's artwork is on the rise and will soon make many houses into homes. Read and find out how Ryan is turning his Dreams into a Reality!

Nobody is going to live forever. I think, “100 year from now, where is this [artwork] going to be?” My art will live years and years longer than I will. My artwork will be a moral.
— Ryan

At what age did you become an artist?

It's actually something I've done my entire life, before I could walk. My parents are artists, grandparents too. My grandfather was really good. I've always been told we act just alike and have the same mannerisms. They say he would have loved me. In high school, my art teacher saw I had a gift. I was just taking the class for an easy A. At 17 years old, I started taking it serious. 

The question we all want to know is, who taught you how to draw?

It's funny, because people ask that all the time. Nobody taught me. With anything, you have to practice to get better. I practiced and got better at my skill. It came from having a passion. It's a blessing and a gift from God. It's really therapeutic. I don't talk to a lot of people, just zoning out to art is when I'm most comfortable. 

Your artwork is bomb! What inspires you to draw?

I'm not that social. I'm never really trying to be seen. I never express myself with words, I express myself and emotions through my art. If I'm happy or angry I can express that. I feel awkward and uncomfortable around a lot of people. Undergrad was tough, because I hung around extroverted people, but that wasn't who I was. 

What type of artwork do you specialize in?

I like realism in any medium (pencil, pen, marker, paint). I have really good attention for detail. I see things differently than the normal person. I see people differently than the average person.  

What type of art to do you like the best?

I used to be one dimensional, just pencil to paper. But, I told myself I had to be more. Painting is now my favorite, putting my easel down and getting my hands dirty. 

Name different projects you do for people?

I do graduation caps, several private commissions, and family portraits. My friend wants me to do 15 pieces in his new home to hang on his wall.

What is your most proud possession?

My sketch book, I take it everywhere I go. Any idea I have, I put it into my sketch-book. 

I  know it's tough to choose, but which two pieces are you the most proud of?

I'm most proud of my Kanye West portrait, because it put me in the spotlight. For his birthday, Kim Kardashion put my portrait of him in an book filled with other artwork. I did a 3 in 1 collaboration of Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J. Cole. I wanted to do something for my favorite artists, to show dedication for motivating me and my art.

 Have you done any sentimental drawings for clients?

Yes, I've done portraits for people whose mother/father passed away and new parents.  They want me to create artwork past a person's physical life. 

If I could pinpoint any [sentimental] art work it be this one [portrait of mother and son]. He has impacted so many people's lives. It was really special for me, it hit home. For me to be able to immortalize them through my artwork, was very humbling. 

Childhood painting of a friend, who's mom passed away.

Childhood painting of a friend, who's mom passed away.

To say the least, Ryan's incredible art has impacted lives. It has brought back memories for some and made memories for others. Thank you for allowing me to get to know the real Ryan. Your dreams have turned into a reality and I know you still have far to go. This is only the beginning!