A Touch of Silk


I remember freshman year Stanley. The guy from Leadership Challenge. The laid back, real cool Stanley, who would soon become known to everyone as Silk the Prince.

Everyone with great talents deserve a start. You Silk, gave yourself that start and I have admired your ambition and drive from the beginning. In my opinion, you changed the game in your own way and you haven't stopped since. 

Sophomore year, you were booed offstage at a talent show. Now, I recall thinking, "What the heck are they doing? This song is dope!" You walked offstage, shades on, still looking cool and collected as ever. At that moment I was thinking, "Silk really doesn't give a dam* what this crowd thinks of him." You didn't leave, you sat back in the audience, shades still on! lol I knew you would go far. Nothing or no one was going to stop you. 

“They booed me off stage. Now I got a million plays.”
— Silk the Prince

What were you thinking when the crowd booed? 

Once they booed me, it motivated me. At that point people felt wishy washy about me anyways. People didn't know how to take me, because I didn't talk much. I figured they would boo me. It turnt me up.

Where did the name Silk derive from?

I use to play NBA 2k a lot. One of the names I used was Silk. Prince means royalty, so I put them both together. 

When/how did your love for music start?

My pops was a radio personality in Greenville for years. I went to a lot of concerts. Freshman year [of college] is when I started to get that love for it. I started making beats sophomore year. November 2013 is when I knew I wanted to rap. 

Not only do you make music, but you've mastered graphic designs. Was this self taught?

I went to a college experience camp for graphic arts in 2012 at USC. It sparked my interest. I knew I didn't want to work, so I taught myself. 

Silk has made album covers for renown artists such as Migos, Young Thug, Chief Keef, Cash Out, French Montana, Rich Kids, and Skippa da Flippa.

I used to get rappers emails from their Twitter bios and send out 100-300 emails a week. Cash Out was the first to respond. After that, it was pretty much word of mouth. I used to do it for free to get their attention. I was surprised he [Cash Out] called me. I was like Oh- I’m talking to a rapper. It was exciting.
— Silk the Prince

You're always so chill and laid back. You did work for huge artists and your demeanor is like "Its nothing, regular day." Lol

Nah it's just me, I'm not going to brag. Imma show my work off and let the work speak for itself.  

What made you feel like you're destined to do this? 

 After I got booed, I made "Knocks Story" for Speaker Knocker [Rapper] I got so much love after that. It made me think maybe I do have a future in this. I saw a lot of hate turn into a lot of love. 

After I dropped "My Love" I felt like "Now I know for real this is what I'm supposed to do. I got booed offstage but now I have 1 million views. I now make enough money to be a full time rapper. 


Who has helped mold and influence you ?

Both of my parents, they've always been active throughout my life.  

Overall, what's your ultimate career goals? 

I take it a step at a time. First step, was being able to make music full time. Next goal is to become a household name in music, and one day be as big as Future.  



It was a pleasure to interview you Silk. I have no doubt that you will continue to elevate and go far. One day you will be on tour. Keep dreaming. Keep doing.