No, you didn’t ask for my opinion. Yes, I gave it to you anyways.

My name is Brianna Chara Graham, most people call me Bri. I am a Proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, IncorporatedI graduated with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Sport Studies. As a child I wrote songs, poetry, stories, and plays. Writing became my outlet away from life and the easiest way to express myself. I meet people with unique stories, people who feed my love for writing. Words heal and are powerful. I am full of life, with so much to say! This is my way of releasing emotions and inspiring. I am a Journalist and Content Creator. I aspire to become a Documentary Filmmaker and travel the name the least. I love photography and modeling in front of the camera. It releases a different type of emotion for me and I don't have to speak. It is a stress reliever to dress up and pose for a camera, being myself and letting my hair down. It is so much I want to do and I will never limit myself.

I wanna do it all, I will do it all.
— Bri

I love to talk. Anything you want to discuss or you want me to know? Email me! I respond very quickly.