1. a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others. 

2. The euphoric buzz you have at that time about something. 


Let's talk about Vibin'..... 

Being so comfortable with someone that you don't even have to talk. The quiet speaks volumes. Mmm. You're staring at one another, enjoying each other's company. It feels amazing. Now, close your eyes. The energy in the room is fully charged. Energy is transferring, bouncing from body to body. 



Then, it begins...conversation

There is conversation about life, dreams, goals, fears, and heartache. Nothing is off-limits. But, that's okay, because you are alone together. You won't judge them. They won't judge you. This is what a best friend feels like, so inviting. Secrets are shared and more importantly, kept. Everything seems a lot funnier. Laughing feels like a dose of medicine. Neither of you have to dress to impress. Loose clothing makes it easier to maneuver. The THC makes your mind roam free and your eyes a little lower. Idea's are often discussed. Creative juices are flowing. You both are free in your skin. 

How incredible is that?



This is a form of romance and intimacy without sex. Whether you realize it or not it's also a form of love. Pure bodies Vibin', forgetting about how crazy things can be. You are away from it all. No one is on Earth but you two. Everything in the room feels warm, light, and inviting. Imagine laying next to someone listening to music, eating your favorite foods, with a muted movie playing on TV. The lights are dim, but bright enough to see each other. You're touching each other, without actually touching. 



Vibin' feels like euphoria running through your body. It is that butterfly feeling, which is impossible to describe, so intoxicating. Nothing is forced. This is rare. So much is gained from bonding, understanding the corny jokes and feeling so familiar to the other person. It's a free spiritual and mental connection. 

Souls recognize each other by vibes, not by appearances.
— Unknown