Everything Is Love

Everything Is Love

Jay and Bey’s album inspired this title. “Everything Is Love” is the best saying when you are attempting to be the better version of you and people think you are mad or switching up on them. The ugly truth is, you will outgrow people, you will evolve, and they will not get it. For the sake of your sanity, there will be times when you have to leave friends and family where they stand. This does not mean you hate or share ill feelings towards them. It means you matter the most. You deserve the chance to reshape your life.

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20 S O M E T H I N G


How could it be? 20 something, all long still. Not a thing in my name. Ain’t got nothing, runnin’ from love only know fear. That’s me, Miss 20 Something.

This song is a spiritual, ok?! SZA wrote this for girls and boys. She is talking to me and you. We are all here trying to figure "it" out. Your process won't mirror someone else's, so in the meantime just chill. You are probably just like me, graduated from college, now what's next? People are constantly asking you, "So, what you got planned, where you working?" And, at that point you are wishing they would find them some business of their own. I get it. I currently have nothing in my name. SZA was speaking directly into my soul when she said that. I am in a constant battle with where I am in life and where I envision myself to be in the future. Honestly, sometimes I wish I could just ride the wave and enjoy my now.

Your 20's is the era of new love, breakups, heartaches, and heartbreaks. You are finding yourself and figuring out this thing called love. Your heart may be broken and you feel like love isn't worth it, but it is always worth it time and time again, even if it's with someone new. A break up is not the end of your life, contrary to how it may feel. It is temporary. You both love each other, but you are constantly trying to maneuver around the "hard stuff", running from love. You are ignoring what truly matters, being one. You will not have all of the answers, but things will come together. 

Maybe you are out on your own and you feel misguided. Maybe you want to quit, because your pockets are filled with plenty of dust and lint. I GET IT lol. Don't quit. You are not alone and you have more 20 Something's in your corner. I swear no one warned you about this stage. You spent years in school, just to be thrown out into this world jobless, with a ton of rejections emails. Your family invested into your degree and you only want to make them proud...you will. 

-Livin’ so good, livin’ so good, livin’ so good. This time next year I’ll be livin’ so good. Won’t remember no pain, I swear.

Your 20 Somethings is not setting you up for failure. It is setting the tone for the rest of your life. You are going to be living the life, you hear me? Everything you want now is on its way. Don't let anyone influence you into thinking you are behind, because you set your own pace. This generation will have you thinking being a millionaire will happen overnight. Social media will convince you that 20 Something is too young to marry and grow a family. It will convince you that in order to be happy, you must live a lavish life. If you go by some of the things you see around you, your stars will take longer to align. Enjoy your now and live according to you. Relax, it's coming. I am right here with you.

Good luck on your 20 Somethings.

God Bless them 20 Somethings. God bless, oh God bless, oh God bless, oh.


I think a lot of people have lost respect for the individual, you know, the person who doesn’t conform.
— Erykah Badu
Photographer: Tyrikus Cunningham @phlyfotographer

Photographer: Tyrikus Cunningham @phlyfotographer






I give myself Permission to breathe. I give myself Permission to fall, but not stay there. I give myself Permission to feel sad some days, because everyday is not welcoming. Every day isn't my friend, so I give myself Permission to feel. I won't care if I am misjudged or talked about. I will never be perfect. I will never try to be. I am Human and I sometimes forget that. The moment we begin to soak in our defeat, is when we've lost touch of what truly matters...living life. Give yourself Permission to rest in whatever decision you are making, even the toughest decisions. Keep pushing. 

I will be completely transparent with you, I am not always happy. I often feel indecisive. Anxiety has kept me from doing many things, but it has also pushed me to stand against my fears. Sometimes I hate when the sun is out, because I want to have a pity party. News Flash to ME: Life Stops for NO ONE! No matter the situation, the world will still turn, money has to be made, and the world will need me.  

Today is like a New Year for me. I am starting fresh, leaving all baggage. I have my own Permission to wipe my slate clean and to start with new beginnings. I give myself Permission to be selfish. Because, Lord knows if I do things for only ME, it's a crime. I give myself Permission to FORGIVEforgive others, but more importantly to forgive myself.  I will Master it. Forgiveness is for you. It is the cure for the soul and the answer to our anger. It can also be the master of our fate. We owe it to ourselves. Breathe. Relax. Forgive.