Here’s To Forever


Happy 1 Year Anniversary to US!

Marriage is choosing each other every single day. It is having a shouting match and continuing on with your day. It is the interchanging of two lives. We bump heads, give the silent treatment, and love hard. He makes me smile and laugh at his crazy antics. He is still a pro at surprising me with something I casually mentioned months prior, something I forgot mentioning. Our friendship is a constant reminder of our Imperfect Love and why we became life partners one year ago.



As you know, we are living the military life. After our wedding, we spent two weeks together before he left for Okinawa. Imagine saying I Do and goodbye 13 days apart. After six long months, I finally moved too. Those months apart made us stronger. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true. We did not have physical contact, which made our communication skills grow. It showed us how much our marriage could withstand without intimacy. I remember Ziggy greeting me with flowers at the airport. On our way home we listened to a playlist he made for me with my favorite slow jams. That is when it hit me, “This is my forever.”



I recall being told not to be surprised by how different things may be between us at first. Some things were not easy in the beginning. I was entering his territory and leaving mine behind. Yes, we dated and lived together prior to getting married, but that was different. He was now adjusting to being the sole provider, as I was adjusting to taking care of our home. Knowing the employment rate for military spouses here sucks has been tough for me. As women, we are taught at a young age to be independent and self sufficient. Imagine the difficulties of me allowing Ziggy to do his job as a man, and his frustration because I would not let him. These issues are hardly discussed in marriage.


Unspoken rules  

Unspoken rules play a huge part in relationships. These are rules you automatically expect your partner to know. It could be how you like the bed made, closing the bedroom door at night, or even putting leftovers in bowls (you get it lol). Despite having to learn new things, keeping family and friends OUT of our marriage has always been a mutual agreement. Don’t get me wrong, I do think it is important to have someone with your best interest in your corner. They could be a Pastor, spiritual advisor, or a trustworthy friend. Always be conscious of whomever you choose. 




I love when he kisses me and says I love you before leaving for work in the mornings. He never forgets to do it. I feel like superwoman when I make sure he is prepared for work with lunch and clean clothes. He is my baby and I enjoy catering to him.

Our marriage is needing to hold each other after a long day. Our marriage is getting drunk and watching stand up comedy and YouTube videos for hours. It is failing to remember an important detail about each other. It is testing the waters to figure out what the other likes. Our marriage is praying together and thanking God for His blessings. It is listening to each other complain about the same things over and over. It is fun loving and secret sharing. Our marriage is saying goodnight every night with a kiss before bed.

To my Husband:

I will always protect you, defend your honor, and love you foreva and eva. Happy Anniversary.