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Adult Friending

Making friends has never been a challenge for me. It always came natural. I never had to do much, but smile and spark a conversation. So, let’s just say having to work at meeting new people, is very new to me. After realizing its challenges, it finally hit me...I am officially in my adult years! It is a little scary. Making friends as an adult is similar to your first day of high school, realizing your middle school clique changed. You have to start from scratch.

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Here’s To Forever

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to US!

Marriage is choosing each other every single day. It is having a shouting match and continuing on with your day. It is the interchanging of two lives. We bump heads, give the silent treatment, and love hard. He makes me smile and laugh at his crazy antics. He is still a pro at surprising me with something I casually mentioned months prior, something I forgot mentioning. Our friendship is a constant reminder of our Imperfect Love and why we became life partners one year ago.

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Investing In Your Brand

Investing does not have to mean spending a lot of money or spending at all. I started my blog in 2016 with a dollar and a dream. I created 7even Reign the same day I moved back in with my parents. I remember asking my daddy for $26 to pay for my Squarespace account. That gives you a clear visual of how broke I was. To this day, it was THE best $26 I’ve spent. Because of it, I was able to begin my journey into a new world.

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Things You Don’t Know About my Life As A Blogger

A lot of work goes into blogging. A lot of which you do not get to see or hear about. It takes self motivation and a bunch of pick me ups. Every day is not easy, however it is rewarding. Some days require isolation. You have to get away to become inspired. Your getaway may be a cafe, the beach, or office. My inspiration comes from experiencing new things and people. I am not easily inspired by sitting at home all day. I have to venture out and not feel confined.

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