5 Things That Increased My Instagram Engagement


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For a long time, my Instagram was very stagnant. I was not seeing much growth with my engagement and followers. I knew there was much more I could do on my end to improve both; however, I was not sure what to do. Eventually, I began doing nothing, sounds real crazy right? I became frustrated at my lack of efforts to do more. After months of contemplating and researching, I began the first step to increasing my engagement. It worked so well, I want to share it with you.


This sounds generic, but until I tried consistency for myself, I could not see the possible outcomes. My power sister Lashawn (@blkwomenhustle) gave me allll the details on how to be consistent and it worked tremendously. Once I became dedicated, I gained 600 followers in three months.

I began posting meaningful pictures at least twice a day. Along with posting, I got creative with my captions. If thinking of captions is a struggle here is a tip: create them in advance. If you try to think of a caption seconds before posting, you will feel pressured and it may sound forced. I created a “captions” folder in my Notes app on my iPhone. Sometimes I feel inspired throughout the day and when I’m on the go.

2. Improving the quality of your photos

Who doesn’t like clear images? I cringe anytime I see blurry pictures when scrolling through my newsfeed. Crisp pictures are likely to attract more attention. I spent hours each day learning how to edit and capture my photos. Once I improved, I received a ton of positive feedback. I use Snapseed and VSCO presets A6 or J5 when editing. I play around with the strength of each preset. If you take your own photos on your phone like I do, Amazon has an amazing portable Selfie Stick Tripod, that comes with a Bluetooth remote. I take it everywhere I go.

I am currently working on improving my IG’s theme [work in progress]. I want my pictures to have warm undertones to compliment my complexion. Some bloggers I follow have a set theme, while others do not. It is entirely up to you. Presets are a great way to guarantee your pictures are in unison. Regardless of what you decide, make sure your pictures are always very presentable.


If you want a visual planner for IG, use the Preview app. It can connect to your IG account and upload your recent posts. If you are hesitating on which picture to post next, use the app to add pictures, rearrange, or delete them. It is convenient to use for scheduling future posts as well.


3.Hashtags Hashtags Hashtags

I’ll admit how annoying I thought hashtags were. I was very ignorant and oblivious to its importance. Hashtags are the fastest way to connect you with whatever you are searching. Using them for a picture you post is extremely beneficial for you. Instagrammers are always on the hunt for inspiration and people they share a common interest with. I use the Preview app to save my hashtags, you can also use the Notes app to save them in your phone.


4. Engaging everyday

Following accounts in your industry, with similar niches is a must. You are more likely to spark a conversation with someone you have something in common with. My feed is filled with lifestyle bloggers posting similar topics/pictures as I do.

Liking someone’s picture is one thing but taking the time to comment is another. Commenting shows your interest. If you want your followers/potential followers to engage with your posts, you must reciprocate the same. It does not take long to share your thoughts, leave a compliment, or simply say hello. Engaging with your post is important too. Once you posted your picture and hashtags, respond to your comments. Taking the time to respond shows your appreciation.

Another tip: Using their name when responding to a comment is personable. If their name is not in their handle, visiting their page to find out shows effort.

5.Track the best time to post

Having an IG business profile is a must to track your daily insights. It allows you to see the best time of day to post, demographics, profile visits, website clicks, accounts reached, and impressions. If you are clueless about the best time to post, it can easily decrease the amount of people seeing your post right away. You might be posting on Sundays at 4pm, but your analytics show 11am is the best time. Always keep track!


I am excited to see how my tips help improve your IG engagement. If you have anymore tips to add, leave them in the comments!