Why You Should Still Girls Trip When You’re Married


I was shocked to find some married couples never vacation without each other. They never take the time to plan trips with their friends or siblings. A girls trip does not have to mean you are losing interest in each other. This should be your time to bond and decompress. Having high expectations of yourself as a wife can be exhausting. It is nice to be able to unwind and be surrounded by other virtuous women. I am fortunate to have a husband who encourages me to experience life and have fun. My sis Demiah (@_itmiahlife_) and I did just that! If you have never experienced a girls trip without your spouse, I highly encourage it for many reasons! 


1. Girl Talk

Who doesn’t like to gossip with their girls and talk about things your lives share in common? As much as your man loves you, he could care less about what so and so did. When you are with your girls, you let your hair down a little more. It is the same with guys and their boys. This is a big reason why it is nice having this time a part. Decompressing is important, especially when you spend most of your time together.

2. Unlimited Photoshoots

This was one of my favorites! We all know how impatient guys get when we want pictures of us. Sometimes they get it right and most times they don’t. We made sure not to oversaturate our trip with taking photos, however it was amazing to have my moments captured and to capture hers. It was fun making memories.


3. Bonding

We learned a lot from and about each other. Before the trip we knew we shared things in common and that we just clicked. Spending a week together confirmed that our soul and personalities are much alike. We shared things about our families and friends back home. Our lives are not as different as I thought.


4. Getting Dressed

It honestly did not take us more than an hour to get ready. We got dressed and listened to music without feeling rushed. It was nice having each other to patiently critique our outfits and not get mad for changing.


5. Healthy Space  

I missed ziggy. We talked briefly each day, but I still missed his presence. Being on this trip made me appreciate his sacrifices even more than I already did. It made my sis and I both appreciate our husbands commitment to provide. Space is good for every relationship. It gives them something to miss.

6. Eating + Day Drinking 

Eat, Drink, Repeat...is literally what we did. We ate breakfast, day drank, snacked by the pool, and had dinner at night...followed by more drinks lol. It was also relieving to have someone take just as long as I do to order food.


7. You Can Do What Interests You

You and your spouse may have two different types of vacations in mind. You may want to wake up for breakfast and sightsee, but he wants to spend his days by the beach. Compromising with your spouse on a trip is ok, however sometimes it is ok to plan your ideal vacation with friends too.


It all boils down to doing what works best for your marriage. Every marriage is different and each lifestyle is not the same. Talk about what you both think is ideal for your relationship.