Investing In Your Brand


Investing does not have to mean spending a lot of money or spending at all. I started my blog in 2016 with a dollar and a dream. I created 7even Reign the same day I moved back in with my parents. I remember asking my daddy for $26 to pay for my Squarespace account. That gives you a clear visual of how broke I was. To this day, it was THE best $26 I’ve spent. Because of it, I was able to begin my journey into a new world. 


Invest in your skills

A lot of people think I have way more experience with web design than I actually do. After launching 7R, I wanted to be capable of redesigning and revamping my site. It took numerous late (frustrated) nights. I spent at least 6 hours, with no breaks (not recommended) in front of my laptop researching new templates. I knew website designers could help, however I could not afford it and I wanted to learn this skill asset for future purposes. Still today, I am not extremely tech savvy, however I learn as I go.

Invest in your knowledge

Reading is the best way for me to obtain what I am trying to learn. Each day I read useful articles/blog posts about editing pictures, how to make your Instagram more appealing, how to create media get the picture. There are always things to become knowledgeable about. If your money is looking funny, be on the lookout for free webinars and ebooks from bloggers. I stumble across both, which are very informative. I am subscribed to Lola Akinkuowo’s blog. She is an expert at helping women build their brand and find their niche. Her newsletters are always what I need to get the ball rolling.


Invest in your work ethic

It takes little effort to slack off. It takes a lot of effort to perfect your craft. How many hours do you spend procrastinating vs. actually doing? Every day I work on building. I take risks and step out of my comfort zone. Late nights and early mornings will be required at times. Some days I do not feel like taking pictures, let alone getting dolled up to do so. I choose to push through my exhaustion and frustration, because I know I will see the best results.

Invest in your connections

Since becoming a blogger, I have met women with similar goals. Without them, I cannot say for sure that I would have come this far. Having others in your corner is just as important as you being in theirs. When you become a blogger, you become a part of a large community. Not everyone has your best interest at heart, however many do! Never be afraid to introduce yourself in their comments or (respectfully) sliding in their DM’s. These are a couple of ways I make connections.

The more you invest in your brand and yourself, the right energy will meet you. In between the blogging madness, be sure to get your rest as well. There are so many more ways to invest in your brand. Which investments have you made? Let us know in the comments!