Adult Friending


Making friends has never been a challenge for me. It always came natural. I never had to do much, but smile and spark a conversation. So, let’s just say having to work at meeting new people, is very new to me. After realizing its challenges, it finally hit me...I am officially in my adult years! It is a little scary. Making friends as an adult is similar to your first day of high school, realizing your middle school clique changed. You have to start from scratch.

I became accustomed to having my friends near by. I never had to schedule time to hang out, I could drop by anytime, and we had fun doing nothing. I knew I would miss having them around. The military lifestyle is very different. One minute you and another spouse are complete strangers chatting on social media, and the next minute you are meeting up for lunch. This is a common way spouses make friends and I have grown to like it. Unfortunately, once you get close to someone, they are moving to a new location. Stability is not the best. I had no clue how different this new life would be.


I do understand life gets busy and time can be limited. I think it is important to befriend someone who understands this as well. Your kid, spouse, relationship, job, or school may not allot for much free time. Your “me time” matters too. You probably work throughout the week, and your weekends belong to quality time for your relationship. I can relate 100%.

It can be a struggle to find balance with making meaningful relationships. People can be very unreliable and life happens. Being an adult sometimes means making solo moves and creating new plans. This entire ordeal is about trial and error. One thing I had to grasp is, the new ladies I meet do not have to resemble my friends back home. They are allowed to be different and so are you.

Being open minded has allowed me to befriend people I thought I had nothing in common with. Believe me, I know how uneasy it can be. Stepping out of your comfort zone is challenging, but you never know how many lifelong friends you could meet along the way.