30 Life Changing Affirmations


Some days I am in need of a pick-me up, because my attitude is sour and I am in the mood for downing myself. It is human nature to have low days when you need a confidence boost. How often do you get irritated by nothing? Or feel like the world is taking the biggest jab at you? You may be exhausted from a long week of work and everyon is driving you crazy. We have all been there. This is why affirmations are important to say out loud with conviction. Affirmations are personal things you hope for and need. Shift your mindset, walk differently, and take on your day like a boss. Below, I listed 30 life changing affirmations just for you:

1. My body is healthy. My mind is free.

2. Today is a new day to make things better  

3. I matter to the world everyday

4. I have the right to grieve and heal 

5. My feelings are valid

6. The mistakes I made in the past do not define me  

7. I forgive myself and those who hurt me

8. Time does not wait, I have to pursue my dreams today  

9. I will love again. Love will find me at the perfect time

10. I will stand up for myself

11. I am not inferior to anyone

12. I deserve better than the job I hate

13. I will try again when things do not go as planned

 14. I am beautiful *repeat*

15. I will not compare my life to others 

We Are What We Believe We Are
— C.S Lewis

16. I love every part of me

17. I am not alone

18. My grind will not stop  

19. I will ask for help when I need it  

20. I will be compassionate 

21. I will put myself first 

22. I will embrace my flaws

23.  Today, I abandon old habits 

24. I am blessed with great family and friends

25. These difficult times are only a short phase in my life 

26. My life is just beginning  

27. I represent strength and power 

28. I will channel all of the positive energy is around me

29. I will let go of my anger and replace it with understanding 

30. I am Enough


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