Everything Is Love


Jay and Bey’s album inspired this title. “Everything Is Love” is the best saying when you are attempting to be the better version of you and people think you are mad or switching up on them. The ugly truth is, you will outgrow people, you will evolve, and they will not get it. For the sake of your sanity, there will be times when you have to leave friends and family where they stand. This does not mean you hate or share ill feelings towards them. It means you matter the most.

You deserve the chance to reshape your life. This includes romantic relationships as well. Women often think they “have” to stick around to wait on progression and change. The longer you wait, the more self damage you have to repair. Sometimes it is best to leave before the love is completely destroyed. You wonder why your peers cannot wrap their mind around how blessed you are. They may be jealous and want the things you have. Your circle should include people who love you. Those same people should want to level up with you, not compete with your life. If you want to make boss moves, choose a team who wants you to equally win as much as them.

I have the tendency to feel bad for making the decision to walk away from certain people. Ziggy (my husband) is quick to remind me I should never feel bad for doing what is right for me. I outgrew a few college and childhood friends. I struggled with the idea of letting them go. I imagined going through life together. It took me a long time to cope with the idea of having to walk away from the friends I loved, but it was necessary.

To this day, Everything Is Love. Everything has always been love. Once I got over my hurt feelings, I was able to understand the shift in our relationship.  Whether you are walking away from a business partner, relationship, friend, or family make sure it is with good intentions. Distancing yourself does not mean they are bad people. You guys probably outgrew the same interests and qualities. Never feel bad for doing you and releasing situations. You have the right to grow as much as you please. Everything Is Love and you did this for you.