Lessons Learned


1. Appreciate Quality time with your Significant Other

This year has taught me to value time to the core. My husband and I have seen each other 16 days this entire year. Not to mention those days were not consecutive. I envy other couples with the privilege of seeing each other everyday. Being apart has shown me the importance of cherishing time.

2. Reward Yourself 

I know I am not the only person with this problem. At times I have an issue of being cheap with myself. I can talk myself out of purchasing something I want, especially if it's too expensive. Ziggy and I have a slight problem of buying for each other. We promised we were going to buy for ourselves more often now. Over the past two months I have been splurging on my wants and needs a lot more. Retail therapy does the body good.

3. Do What You Want

People won't understand it, you may not even be sure of the outcome. Sometimes you have to do it anyways. Start your business, change locations, apply for your dream job, accept that job offer, be with the person who adores your entire being. If it is going to improve your life, do it. You do not need the approval of others.

4. Complain Less

I have to catch myself when I want to complain about something, no matter what it is. Sometimes I sound complaintive even when it is not my intentions to. When I feel like I am about to become annoyed or aggravated I check myself. Half of the time the situation is not as bad as I am making it seem.

5. Walk Away

Forcing things or people to stay in your life will cause more harm than good. I am in the stage of taking people for who they are and not who I wish they could be. Walking away is difficult to do when you care, but you will damage your heart by trying to make things different.

6. Rejuvenate 

Some days I feel like I am running on empty. After doing a million things and avoiding sleep, I feel drained. I will find any and everything to do to keep busy. Rest plays a vital role in your health and mental stability. When your mind and body are restless, your ability to function is tough. Simply starting your day by going for a walk or listening to music while getting ready for work could help you feel rejuvenated. Turning off your phone for a few hours to give complete attention to yourself will also help you to relax.

7. Be Patient

Certain things may take longer to transpire. This year has shown me the true meaning of being patient. I am quick to get mad and irritated when things are not going as "planned". Sometimes things won't happen as soon or as smoothly as you want. A positive mind will shift your attitude. Have patienc with yourself and in due time the very thing you want will become yours.