My First




1. coming before all others in time or order


7Even Reign you literally give me life. You are therapeutic for me and others. I think about the amount of people you have helped. I can honestly say all of you [my readers] kept my momentum and drive this entire year. It is crazy how I found my niche. I found what makes me happy. I finally began using one of my life callings. I stopped sitting on my purpose. Blogging was never in my plans, but once I started I realized 7R was bigger than me. I quickly realized I was not writing for just myself, but for those like me.

7R is my open diary and I am the diary for many women, some I know, others I may never personally meet. I continue to receive messages from women who need a dose of love and encouragement. My inbox is always open. Ladies you trust me and I am forever be grateful. I had no clue how much love and support my writing would receive. Truthfully, I never anticipated this genuine love. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Because of you, I continue to pour my soul into everything I write. Blogging is not what I do, it is who I am.

Make it a Lifestyle, not a Duty.

I started and quit multiple things over the past year. I am proud that 7R was not one of those things. Never in a million years did I think I would be writing for everyone to read. I want to perfect my craft and reach a larger audience. I met women bloggers, entrepreneurs, writers, book authors, musicians, artists, radio personalities, marketers, and influencers. I co-hosted a Twitter Chat with a beautiful blogger named Taja and my work has been featured on other blogs. The beauty of blogging is the ability to network and team up with people from across the globe. 7R opened up a ton of doors. It brought out the best in me. In a short span of time a variety of people began reaching out to me to write about what they do for a living. That is what I live for.

My goals for this year include me stepping out of my comfort zone. I am living only a small portion of my dreams. I may have never gotten the chance to do any of this had I not taken a huge leap of faith on May 2, 2016. Permission was my very First post. I was shocked by the amount of attention it received. At that moment, I knew my role as a writer had changed drastically. My life and circle of friends changed, my writing skills improved. My family and friends continue to support me. From the very beginning my husband has been a dynamic supporter, editor, advisor, and all around listener. If I am ever unsure of a blog topic he tells me what's real. He never sugar coats. I often go on a crazy venting spree about where I plan to take my 7R and I throw out a million ideas all at once. I know I drive him insane, however he never complains. I have to thank him a thousand times more. 

Who said it is too late to start living your dreams? Who is holding you back? A lot can change in a year. I can attest to that. When I get discouraged thinking no one is reading, I am reminded of how great I am. I remember two of my sisters telling me their friends from back home adore me and love my blog. They said people I do not know talk about ways it has impacted them. In a way I feel as though I have an important role to play.

7R is Godsend. My countless days of writer's block, frustration of feeling like my blog was not good enough, and revamping my design taught me patience and humility. This year has taught me the art of letting go and not to give my reaction to unimportant matters. I quit giving myself to people who did not deserve me. I learned to protect my inner peace and keep it movin when I am upset or let down. No matter what, I will take care of business.

Other people’s perception of you aint none of your business. Be bold enough and obedient enough to let your light shine.
— Lisa Nichols

I have so much in store. I have the potential to reach the highest mountain. I could never express enough gratitude to you for following me since the beginning. If I could say one thing to each of you it would be, "Start today. Take what is already yours and master it." This is my year to shine and go get it. Happy Blogiversary to US 7Even Reign! You truly saved me.