intransitive verb

1to replenish ones energy or spirit


As a Millennial, understand it is okay to be a homebody sometimes. It is okay if you do not want to "deal" with other humans today. Why? Because people can stress you out. You have to take time out for your well-being. Create a space for you to relax and enjoy your own company. Pop in your favorite classic movie, get a bunch of your favorite snacks, and put on your most comfortable pajamas. Kick your feet up and enjoy some me time. Recharging is about unclogging your mind. Meditate on the things which make you happy. The universe will feed you with positive energy if you allow it to.q

I enjoy being by myself, especially after a long day. Although being around friends and family inspire my creativity; being alone provides clarity. I use my time to clean, write, catch up on my Golden Girls, watch documentaries, sleep, or go for a ride listening to music. When I was younger, I sat in my backyard to think. I would throw away my negative thoughts and the things bothering me. At the time, we had a German Shepard named Brisco. He would sit next to me while I spilled my secrets to him [only dog lovers understand].

A few months ago when I began blogging, I sat in Starbucks writing for hours. I went there everyday and I realized I was not the only one in Starbucks for alone time. In college, I remember going to the cafe to eat by myself. I always got asked why I wasn't sitting with anyone or if I wanted to sit with them. I found it so funny, because they really thought I was lonely. Some of my friends would actually sit at my table thinking they were keeping me company [I did not want company lol]. I enjoyed my time, listening to music in between classes. Company isn't needed for everything. 

The truth is, people have the ability to transfer their energy unto you. Think about a healing crystal. Before utilizing, it is important to cleanse it, due to different emotions exposed from other people. After cleansing, the sunlight Recharges and energizes the crystal. Now it is able to release its own natural vibrations.  


This pertains so much to the Human life. You never realize how much your spirit needs cleansing and Recharging until you are around others with negative vibes. Being alone allows you to reboot after dealing with everyone's BS on the job, at school, or home. You will also learn different things about yourself. Take advantage of figuring out your likes, dislikes, and wants. 

Cleanse. Recharge. Repeat.