Things You Don’t Know About my Life As A Blogger


A lot of work goes into blogging. A lot of which you do not get to see or hear about. It takes self motivation and a bunch of pick me ups. Every day is not easy, however it is rewarding. Some days require isolation. You have to get away to become inspired. Your getaway may be a cafe, the beach, or office. My inspiration comes from experiencing new things and people. I am not easily inspired by sitting at home all day. I have to venture out and not feel confined. 


It Can Be Overwhelming

I am still adjusting to no longer living in the America. I am working hard to cater to my audience back home and here in Okinawa. It is ongoing learning experience.

There is an assumption of blogging being easy. The reality is, just like any career, blogging takes time, sacrifice, dedication, drive, and new ideas. It is a guarantee that you will struggle to write and create from time to time. Life is still moving around you, which means your daily life does not stop. In the midst of your everyday routines, you have to make time to create.


Unintentionally Abandoning Life Outside Of Blogging

It is so easy to intertwine work with your love life, social life, and personal life. I am guilty of “Not being in the moment”. You have to remember to separate the three. It is difficult to resist the urge of wanting to take pictures everywhere I go. I find myself editing pictures in the car and talking Ziggy’s ear off about ideas. I am still working on setting a schedule, so I am not ignoring things outside of blogging that matter to me. 


Photoshoots Are Fun, Yet Difficult

Being surrounded by tons of people while shooting is annoying. With Okinawa being a popular tourist location, you can only imagine the large crowds. I normally go to the popular spots on off days to help beat traffic. Taking my own photos require setting up my tripod, finding the right light, dodging people, and a million of do over shots. And with it getting dark much earlier, I am in a race against sunlight. Shooting also requires hours of editing. 



I Am Constantly Learning

I do not know everything. I am always asking questions, asking google, using trial and error, and going with the flow. Signing up for seminars subscribing to useful newsletters with advice is truly beneficial. I will never be too good to ask for help and reach out when I am struggling. Being a Blogger has its ups and downs, but I am in for the unpredictable ride.