November Highlights


To my surprise, November brought me many blessings in disguise. I truly have much to be thankful for. I have my health, Husband, family, and you. With the month coming to an end, I wanted to share my best moments. I hope you have a lot to give thanks for too. 

Visiting Home

Early one morning, I woke up to several missed calls and a message from my daddy saying, “The doctor found a tumor on the right side of your mama’s brain. She has to have emergency surgery to remove it.” I had no idea what to think. When I called him back, he was at the hospital with family. He said I could talk to my mama later. When I finally spoke with her, I was shocked to see her in good spirits and smiling. She told me she wanted Ziggy and I to come home. First thing I thought was how impossible that would be, considering how far away we are. Long story short, we were on an early flight the next morning. After 24 hours of switching flights and layovers, we finally made it to the hospital. My family was happy and so were we. It was tough seeing my mother that way, but I knew she was strong.

We needed that time home. Our family and friends made everything seem lighthearted. Ziggy got to sleep in everyday, see his family, and best friends. We felt so blessed. What started out as a frightening situation, turned into much needed family time. My mother is recovering just fine and she is more than grateful to be alive. I am happy I was able to care for her while I was home. All I can say is, God’s timing is always perfect. 


Photographing and Editing  

I really have to brag on myself. My consistency and will power is paying off. I have been putting my tripod and iPhone camera to great use. I normally shy away from venturing out to take my own pictures. In the past, someone has taken my pictures and edited them. The luxury of posing for a photographer is fun, however learning to take your own shots is a huge plus. I was always afraid to play around with different editing techniques and apps. Lately, Snapseed has been my best friend. When it comes to tweaking even the smallest details in your photos, Snapseed is a must. In the future, I will do a post on how I edit my pictures.




With this being my first year as a Wife, I was nervous about being in charge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted everything to be perfect. After long hours of standing in the kitchen (and blasting Christmas music), dinner was complete. I was the most proud of how well my dressing turned out. I was surprised at how much it tasted like my aunt’s. I was exhausted, but to see my Husband enjoy his meal was rewarding.


November taught me to be patient while perfecting a craft. It reminded me to appreciate all things and to be optimistic during tough times. My mother’s surgery reminded me time waits for no one and to love on the ones you care for. 

In what ways was November good to you?