8 Reasons Why I Love Okinawa

“Black District” mural in Koza Crossing

“Black District” mural in Koza Crossing


1. Beautiful murals 

Each mural you see will be well crafted and many have a significant meaning behind it. Some murals are culture related, promote businesses or peace, and many are painted for you to pose in front of. Murals such as “Black District” tells you a story. This street was primarily for African American troops during the WWll era. It was called Teruya Kokujin Machi, meaning: Teruya Black Town.


2. Vending machines are everywhere

You can count on a vending machine being on every street, down alleyways, in front of convenience stores, and houses. The machine  sells coffee, tea, sodas, cigarettes, candy, soup, hot food, and beer. Joggers and people commuting to work make great use of them.


3. Drinking alcohol in public is legal

Some of you can only dream of this type of leisure. Being able to enjoy your drink in public without being harassed is wonderful. Not to mention taxi cabs are always an inch away, which gives you no reason to drink and drive.


4. The ground is not covered with litter

I truly admire the amount of pride taken in keeping their outside home clean. I was so surprised as I walked through back alleys and saw how spotless it was. It is nice to walk without stepping on gum and cigarettes. Recycling and trash bins are everywhere, so there is no excuse to litter.


5. Your service at restaurants is unmatched

No matter where you eat, your food will look exactly like the picture on the menu. It will not be greasy AND it is going to be 100% right. McDonald’s is even delicious. Another big difference is, in America you can customize your order, but you cannot here. As I stated, your food will look like the image shown. The food industry here has humbled me A LOT.


6. Low crime rate

Because their crime rate is so low, I feel much safer and comfortable going places alone. I do not have to look over my shoulder while I am out. I also love how kids have the freedom to be kids. They can walk to school, the store, and play outside alone without the fear of being harmed. 


7. Tipping is not required at restaurants 

This is a favorite of mine. They do not believe in being paid extra just to service you. Even without being tipped, you will still be provided with the best service. 


8. Clean public restrooms

They take pride in the cleanliness of their public restrooms. The toilets are so unique, with about 7 different functions. My favorites are the melodies/flushing sounds and the bidets. There is always extra toilet paper in each stall and cleaning solutions available for each person to clean the toilet. 


I never imagined how beautiful Okinawa would be. Being able to learn and experience their way of life is amazing. Be sure to add my second home to your travel bucket list.