Imperfect Love

Night of the proposal

Night of the proposal

I am someone's wife, wow. When I hear Ziggy call me wife I get all giddy on the inside and I am in awe. My Husband is all I need in this life of sin. When I get a little crazy he calms me. He brings constant balance to my life. We drive each other wild at times and I wouldn't have it any other way. We are not perfect, we fuss, we have disagreements, and at times everything gets turned into a joke. No matter where life takes us, this genuine love prevails every time. Since our wedding, we keep getting asked, "How does it feel to be married?". Honestly, we still feel like "Ziggy and Bri", it's just a lot more love in the equation. While writing my wedding vows I realized the month of January has been very special for us over the past several years. I call it fate. 

January 2014

Ziggy and I began our journey as friends. He was working in UP Cafe, I walked in, and he asked me, "Do you want to come over and watch Netflix"? At the time "Netflix and chill" was really poppin [lol]. I'm thinking he can't be talking to me. I was having an awful day and looking my absolute worse. After seeing his bright eyes and white smile I could not say no. Weeks later we were spending time together watching The Walking Dead on Netflix, talking and laughing all night. No matter how late and freezing cold it was outside, he walked me home to the other side of our complex. He never complained. That's when I knew he was a gentleman. I was in denial about liking him. I was telling myself, "I mean he cute, funny, can dress, but I don't like him", and at the same time I was telling all of my friends about him. I wanted to hang out with him everyday. We talked about everything and we could be ourselves. That's when I knew he was a true friend.


I started feeling him so much. The energy between us felt surreal, like something out of a fairytale. Our friendship got closer and we became even more fond of each other. For months his home became mine and mine became his. We were truly inseparable and deep down I knew it was love. One night in bed I whispered to him, "I love you" and my heart melted when he said it back. From then on our bond was unbreakable. We would talk about the idea of marriage and love. I knew so much about his family and friends.  January 2015 is when he asked me to meet his mother. That's when I knew he loved me. No matter how tight money was he always surprised me with gifts. That's when I knew he was a provider. I would pray for him and he would pray for me. That's when I knew God sent him.

January 2016

We rekindled and went on our first date. Despite our obstacles, we would always gravitate back to each other. At times we were on rocks and knew we could not be together. As a man he was not ready, and as a woman I had to find my own path. The crazy thing about fate is no matter what the stars above will always align. Four months later he asked me to be his girlfriend. I had never dated someone who was like me in so many ways. We did everything together. Sun up to sundown we shared the same space. We knew we wanted to get married and spend our lives together. He told me, "Next year we're going to get married and I need to know when I make this move you're going to come with me."

December 29, 2017

I had no idea my friends and family were in on our proposal. I can never thank my friends enough for being there. They told me we were going ice skating downtown. As my friends and I were walking towards the tall water fountain downtown, I saw my Husband walking towards me looking like a GAWD! I was in complete shock. My family began coming from every angle and I was completely stunned to say the least. I hugged Ziggy for a long time. He got down on one knee, looked me in my eyes, asked me to marry him and to be his wife. 

January 6, 2018

On the morning of our wedding I woke up super early with my stomach in knots. I was in disbelief of what was transpiring. My sisters and wedding party made my day one to remember. All I could think about was seeing you standing at the other end of the altar. On this day, I got to call you my husband. I was standing in front of my best friend in the whole wide world confessing my love. Ziggy, you elate me. You are my true friend. Years ago I told you I wanted to love everyone you love and I wanted them to love me. You promised I would be your wife this year. You promised to carry me on your back and to provide for us. You have done that and more. Our wedding was the best day of my life. We turnt up with the people we love, we were lit all night, and I had the best time with the love of my life. God took his time and designed you to be so beautiful inside and out. To laugh, love, and have fun with you foreva is my true desire. Our next stop is Japan, I am ready to see where this new life will take us. I love you foreva.

- Your Wife