The energy, the connection, and the fire Daniel Caesar’s album Freudian ignites, is what your soul needs to recharge. He is singing right to you, yes he knows you personally. A story is being told. I NEED you to listen to this album! He is reading your life like cupid. Freudian says, “No, love isn’t perfect, but neither are you.”


The Best Part about Freudian is cupid striking as you listen to it's magic. So often, we are quick to give up on love and throw it away. Love deserves you, you deserve love. When love cuts you deep, sometimes you have to cut it Loose, but every love story has its rough patches. It takes time, why won’t you try it again? Who said this time won’t be it? How do you know it will let you down? Pay a visit to something new.

By now, you know I love love. I don't care how much you talk against the four letter word, it is obvious that you desire it too. Love says I know I am not perfect, but attempt me again. How beautiful is it to do life with your soulmate? No matter what, you have a friend and you are perfect in their eyes. When the world makes you feel empty and alone, they fill you up. You can be a complete mess and still have a safe place to call home.

Yes I’m a mess, but I’m Blessed to be stuck with you
— Daniel Caeser

A story is being told. You go through the crazy chronicles of, "I'm done with you", "Wait let's start over", "F*ck everything". When Daniel sang, "I'm coming back home to you", it was so powerful and true. We can't be by ourselves we will always need each other. The idea of love can be frightening. Trial and errors leave you feeling neglected and at lost. He sings about the fear of letting go and the scary thought of one continuing to hold on. You want so badly to be forgiven for your faults, but what about when it's your turn to forgive the one who hurt you? At times, you are selfish and want them to yourself, knowing at that moment you can't give them what they desire. Your friends are telling you that you can do better, but you hold on anyhow. They are the only medicine you need.

I’m sorry for calling you this late, but your voice is the only answer to my problems and I have so many.
— @Fames

Love is a two way street. It can feel as though you are sacrificing your sanity and letting your heart down again. I never said love is always beautiful. Love can be ugly and it can be confusing. Like, why is your heart pounding, why is your mind racing, and why are they your first and last thought each day? If they are toxic, like a vacuum, they will suck the life out of you. When they give you life, every day will feel like the first day of school and you want to show them off. 

Soon, you both figure each other out. You know dislikes, likes, interests, and each other's breathing patterns. You both could be anywhere in the world, but you choose to be near each other everyday. That's love, that's real. Only you know if it's worth it. Freudian has been on repeat for at least 40 times. That's love, something you can't get enough of. It doesn't matter the number of times you've experienced it, you want it again and again. 

If you have somebody ready and willing to fight with/for you, despite excuses to justify leaving, imagine the love after the storm.
— @ back2tha_basics