You Can’t Heal What You Don’t Reveal
— Jay Z

I have battled with depression since I was about nine years old. My depression comes in waves. I will be happy for a long time and out of no where, it will hit me. I have never taken medication for it. I "dealt with it" or "got over it", so of course I became accustomed to my anxiety. But, last month the wave came back and hit me harder than ever. And honestly, getting out of bed to start my day has been tough. Daily tasks such as bathing and interacting with people has been tough. Sadness has weighed me down tremendously. I am so strong for other people, but being strong for me has not been easy. The Black community shuns mental illnesses, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Depression is very common. Take the time and seek professional help. No matter your religion, it is not enough just to pray. 


Your mental stability is everything

Take care of YOU! You matter most. Because in all honesty, we all are dealing with things. No one is exempt from mental instability, and I guarantee you will experience it at some point in your life. It is vital for you learn how to "deal" and press on. Learn how to conquer your thoughts and cleanse your spirit. It is not easy, but nevertheless, it can be done. I am a true advocate for professional counseling; seeing someone who has the credentials to analyze you and get to the core of your issues. 

You Are Enough
— Brianna

It is possible to heal

For a long time I thought everything could be handled without help. I was wrong. Sometimes it takes love being provided from the outside to help heal you. At the end of the day, you are human. Quit being so hard on yourself and appreciate who you are. Appreciate everything you have accomplished. Appreciate everything, which is to come. You are amazing. Ignore those thoughts saying you are not enough. Take the time to admire yourself and how dope you are. No storm lasts forever and tomorrow may be the day it ends. Stay optimistic and keep your spirits high. Pick up that hobby you put down weeks ago. Life is tough, but you will make it. Say it with me, "I am not crazy, I love me, I deserve to be happy, this is not the end, I will win." 

You have no idea where the darkest times of your life might end, so you have to just keep going.
— Ellen DeGeneres

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