"I Had to Tell Myself to Go and Get It Myself"

I had to tell myself to go and get it myself. Cause I got tired of waiting on everyone else. Cause ain’t nobody gonna do it better than you. Cause ain’t nobody gonna do it better for you. No one can do you better than YOU!

So, I'll admit... I cannot tell you the number of times I waited around on other people to make something shake for ME. I waited for them to keep their word to help me, connect me with so and so, and look out for me (Keyword here: ME). I look back and think, "Man, just imagine where I could be had I moved my own mountains." The more I waited, the more disappointed I became. Eventually, I began seeing myself from multiple angles and through a different pair of lenses. I realized what I was capable of.

Real women make life changing moves, without the approval of others.
— Brianna

So, I began to write again. I began to breathe more and worry less. I got tired of waiting around for them to "look out." Because, honestly it was NEVER their responsibility, nor were they obligated to do anything for me. I had to make a move. My creativity grew off the strength of my emptiness. I felt broken by life and unsuccessful, because I constantly reflected on the success of others around me. You don't have to move like the next person, you will still be brilliant. My pockets were nearly empty and I needed a plan. So, I got busy. It's time for you to get busy love.

Awkward Black Girl was “Broke energy”. That brokeness makes you creative.
— Issa Rae

It doesn't matter how small your next move may seem, just MAKE IT. Things are always bigger than they seem. You are your biggest supporter. Who cares if no one listens at first, they will soon ride your wave. Who cares about roadblocks along the way, detour around them. You will be successful. You will become a better version of you. But first, conquer your mind and spirit. Get rid of all doubt and discouragement. 


Today marks ONE MONTH for 7EVEN|Reign. Getting busy with me was the best decision. I am thinking global, no longer is my mind in a box. I have received a tremendous amount of love and encouragement. 7EVEN|Reign is receiving so much love! You motivate me. You are appreciated! Your words mean everything to me. S/O to YOU!

I know this post reached you for a great purpose. You are about to take the biggest leap out on faith. Remember, it's not about who won't show love, because there are those who will. Never beg for support, but do ask for it! Good luck on your new journey! I am happy for you and excited to hear about it. Comment and share your excitement with me! 💕