I think a lot of people have lost respect for the individual, you know, the person who doesn’t conform.
— Erykah Badu
Photographer: Tyrikus Cunningham @phlyfotographer

Photographer: Tyrikus Cunningham @phlyfotographer






I give myself Permission to breathe. I give myself Permission to fall, but not stay there. I give myself Permission to feel sad some days, because everyday is not welcoming. Every day isn't my friend, so I give myself Permission to feel. I won't care if I am misjudged or talked about. I will never be perfect. I will never try to be. I am Human and I sometimes forget that. The moment we begin to soak in our defeat, is when we've lost touch of what truly life. Give yourself Permission to rest in whatever decision you are making, even the toughest decisions. Keep pushing. 

I will be completely transparent with you, I am not always happy. I often feel indecisive. Anxiety has kept me from doing many things, but it has also pushed me to stand against my fears. Sometimes I hate when the sun is out, because I want to have a pity party. News Flash to ME: Life Stops for NO ONE! No matter the situation, the world will still turn, money has to be made, and the world will need me.  

Today is like a New Year for me. I am starting fresh, leaving all baggage. I have my own Permission to wipe my slate clean and to start with new beginnings. I give myself Permission to be selfish. Because, Lord knows if I do things for only ME, it's a crime. I give myself Permission to FORGIVEforgive others, but more importantly to forgive myself.  I will Master it. Forgiveness is for you. It is the cure for the soul and the answer to our anger. It can also be the master of our fate. We owe it to ourselves. Breathe. Relax. Forgive.