Hey You...

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Hey you,

With the broken heart and shattered feelings. You were forced to start a new life without the person you always knew. You cry your eyes out every day, because they broke your heart into pieces. I will be the first to tell you, it’s okay Queen. You will be okay. The person you love left you wondering what is next. They left you to figure out how to do life on your own. They turned around and crossed you with the same girl they swore they had nothing to do with. He promised you a family, but he slipped and started one with someone else instead. It’s okay Queen. There is no need to be ashamed. Who do you lean on when you need to cope? I know you want to handle it alone, but everyone needs someone. 

You wake up every morning and it is tough to start your day. You go to bed with them on your mind and wake up with the same thoughts. It is impossible to erase them…deep down you do not want to. Tell me this love, what will you do differently tomorrow? Will you continue to keep your head down? Will you continue to love yourself less? Them leaving did not devalue your existence. 

How about loving you even when it's hard, loving the person you are, loving the person who is broken. You deserve more than a wet pillow each night. Each morning your bags underneath your eyes carry all of your sorrow and distress. Women are the strongest, however we need mental relief too. People will say you should not be sad, but you have every right to your feelings. It has been weeks and you cannot pull yourself together. Reinvent and revamp your life.

Queen, you are beautiful, kind, trustworthy, respectful, and your presence shakes the ground you walk on. Your self-love and gratitude speaks volumes. You water lives. Anyone would be blessed to have a woman as strong as you, but everyone cannot handle a woman's strength. Read that one more time. You stand with dignity and self respect, as you should. There were certain things you would not allow.

Forgive them for hurting you. You deserve a peace of mind. You do not need them to prosper or to make you better. Queen, you deserve everything life and love has to offer. I challenge you to walk differently today. Speak to yourself with love, kindness, and go easy on your heart. Write down things you love about yourself and say them out loud daily. Be patient love, you are about to glow.